one thing that concerns me


I decided not to use those white pedestals found around the school for the reason that they’re not dependable because everyone grabs them and I can’t just hoard them for my own use (mapping takes a while, and once they’re mapped I have to use those exact same pedestals since the projection is tailor-made for them.  So, I got some cardboard boxes that are all uniform in shape and am wrapping them in white paper. However, I’m finding that it’s extremely difficult wrapping them smoothly so they don’t look sloppy. It’s frustrating, but at least I don’t have to worry about not being able to get all the pedestals I need. I just hope the projection can still look good on these boxes.


2 thoughts on “one thing that concerns me

  1. metaphortean

    Two ideas: You could check with Mack Mcfarland, I believe he is in charge of the use of pedestals and may be able to arrange for use of them. There is a system, despite the willy-nilly approach many take to acquiring their use. Another idea — could you paint the cardboard white?


    • Thank you for those suggestions. I just contacted Mack to see if he can hook me up with some pedestals (I think I asked him for more of them than 1 person is allowed, but I figured I’ll take as many as I can get, and I can provide the rest in the form of various box sizes. As for painting, the reason I didn’t go with that is that I was using the lids as part of the boxes to give it more height, hence my wrapping them to conceal the flaps. However, if the pedestal thing works out, I can just use the boxes as they are and maybe painting will be an option then.


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