Prototype 2


Things I’m thinking about:

-turning the blocks into character archetypes rather than just plain, generic faces. (like maybe one can be an opera singer and his voice will have a lot of vibratto, or one can be a robot and have a metallic-sounding voice). However, it’s hard finding good sound bytes. I’ve been using an online synthesizer with the chorus setting, which I don’t like the sound of. Imagine hunting for good, clean sounds that not only match the right note but have the timbres and textures I need.

-even if I don’t go with characters, I’m going to try and add accessories like bow ties/jewelry and more elaborate facial expressions than what you see above. What do people think of the solid colors, though?  Do you want to see more varied patterns like stripes, etc?

-making it so that when the blocks are not being played, they do little things like blink or cough in order to seem like sentient beings.

-interface: I’m probably going to make a tiny control board with mini versions of each block on it (color-coded to match them), wrap each one with colored metallic foil, and give people a conductor’s wand to tap the blocks with and make music. If I can’t find colored foil, I will have to think of something else that conducts electricity.


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