What I’m doing and why it’s significant


I will be creating an interactive musical experience which involves a projection mapping of 6 to 8 light-colored, geometric blocks arranged in a “neat pile,” for lack of a better word. Every visible side of the shapes (except for the tops) will be filled in with different colors by the projection, which I will design in photoshop and edit in Aftereffects. The fronts of the shapes will have faces projected onto them (not live action faces, but cartoon-like faces that I will draw myself.)  I’m going to use Isadora and MakeyMakey to assign a musical note to each block. Every time a block is activated (haven’t decided for sure on my physical interface), that block will “sing” its own note and the face will also emote as it does so.  The user can activate the blocks in any order he wants to make music and even play simple melodies. It will be like a chorus of blocks and you are conductor.  My goal for this project is to teach myself simple projection mapping while creating a fun and uncanny experience for people.  Showmanship is very important to me and my work. I was also looking for an excuse to involve music–as always; but I want to do it in a tasteful and meaningful way. Right now, I’m still in the prototyping phase. There are still some things to work out and troubleshoot, but I’m getting a lot of help from the Isadora forum. I will post pictures of my experiments as soon as possible.


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