Viet Dung Vo’s “Buddha”


I don’t know how well-known this person is in the art world, but he seems to have done a number of interactive pieces.  In this one, it looks like he used a video in watcher along with a delay and mirror effect, similar to the one in photobooth. If the green figure in the center moved around with the actress, I would say there was a blob counter and eyes++ involved, but it seems to stay put and she makes an effort not to stray too far from it so that it always covers her.


2 thoughts on “Viet Dung Vo’s “Buddha”

  1. metaphortean

    Thanks for breakdown, using vocabulary of Isadora. I’m curious if anything relates directly to your final? Indirectly perhaps is the role of participant–here they are intended to break the beam of projection. I’m wondering how the projector might be placed in your final to avoid or dissuade interfering shadows of participants as they interact with MakeyMakey interface


  2. To be honest, it doesn’t have anything to do with my final. It’s just that the artist(s) I was going to blog about was too out of range for me to guess how he did it, and the assignment was to try to guess the schematic. I was going to write about a group called Visual Farm (I think you had an extra credit assignment related to their visit to the school last year). They’re the ones who first got me interested in projection mapping, but what they do is on a huge scale and very advanced. Even though Viet’s work isn’t along the same vein as what I’m doing, I still like to learn about every kind of interactive art. I feel it’s an up and coming thing that’s getting more and more accessible for even non-experts to do. In regards to the shadows interfering with my projection, actually it’s not very hard to circumvent the projector. I approached the blocks head on and only saw my shadow on the wall next to them. You have to really get right in front of the projector for it to cause a problem. However, with such a large number of people, it might get difficult–I think I’m going to place my control board behind the projector (the opposite corner of the blocks) so that people will clamor around there to get a turn at controlling the blocks. That way they’ll be less inclined to gather towards the center. The only problem is that if both Ben and I are going to use 117A for the open house, he needs the audience to stand in the center, and that would be right in front of the projector. But I’m sure we can figure out a way of making it so neither of our projects interferes with the other.


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