I know what I want to do (but it’s not working)


I had an idea that is similar to what this guy did:

He said he used photoshop to map out the blocks and Processing (which I guess is similar to Isadora) to set up an audio watcher that makes the faces move their mouths depending on audio input levels.  My idea was to map out some colorful shapes and assign a different synth note to each one. Then, I would hook up MakeyMakey to some colored footprints on the floor (color-coordinated to the shapes) and have it so people can step on the footprints and make the blocks “sing” each time a key is activated. The keys would be programmed in Isadora to correspond to each colored shape. W might be a green cube playing the note “A,” for example. or S could be a rectangle playing “E.”  People could make music just by stepping on footprints, and I could even write sheet music for some simple songs for people to follow. The only problem is that when I map out my shapes in a software like paint or photoshop, Isadora distorts the mapping when I load the jpegs into the movie player…  so the mapping does not actually cover the shapes. I can’t seem to get around that problem, but I’ve been trying to think of alternatives so I don’t have to scrap the entire idea.


2 thoughts on “I know what I want to do (but it’s not working)

  1. metaphortean

    The idea sounds great, building out with MakeyMakey and video-mapping exploration, too. There’s probably a work-around with formatting images, something to do with ‘square vs non-square’ pixels when you set up your document in photoshop… have you tried searching forums? You could also work with video clip that features just a still image. Some ideas to consider.


  2. Thank you, I tried making sure the resolution of the image matched Isadora’s stage output resolution, but maybe that’s not the issue. It’s sort of complicated because I’ve been editing my jpegs in Finalcut to “animate” the images and then loading those exported clips into Isadora, so there’s also the resizing that occurs from that, too. I will certainly try searching the “square vs. non-square pixels” issue on the forum and see if I can get this worked out. I’m not foreseeing any major problems besides this, and am looking forward to seeing it to completion.


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