Project 2 follow-up/documentation


I think this project was the result of my not being able to think in terms other than narrative. I’m a story-person by nature, and am fascinated by the combination of narrative and interactivity. My references for this project were not academic–instead, I was inspired by “lay peoples'” entertainment such as choose-your-own adventure books and, to some extent, video gaming culture. One of the biggest challenges I faced was trying to reconcile the project requirements with my own personal vision, while trying to make the technology cooperate with what I wanted to do. I knew I could create 6 total ‘choices’ and unlimited chronological sequences after those 6 letter keys were accounted for.  (Thanks to feedback from the class, I now realize that I can use a timer to potentially have more than 6 controls.) My very simple patch is a reflection of my desire to keep things minimal and yet still explore a meaningful concept.  I struggled a bit with the subject matter of my work because I knew that I was relying a lot on humor; in the past, humor has been a prominent theme of my work. I find that it gives me the license to make every-day, mundane events into something more cinematic.  To have this ‘kitchy’ looking footage try to be something more serious than it is would seem misguided. I also learned a couple things about working with circuits, namely that it is a mistake to wrap a box with foil paper because the system gets confused when all the wires come in contact with it. I learned that the hard way, after spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong. It seems like no matter how careful you think you are, something will always go wrong somewhere. As far as editing went, there was the familiar challenge of taking this ordinary footage and making things happen with it that didn’t actually happen in real life. For instance, how do you imply a character’s death without putting yourself in danger while filming? How do you make a character go to jail? These actions required some appropriated footage to link things together, and it was both difficult and entertaining for me. I know the project was a little too dependent on editing and that the technology was more of a means to an end than an exploration of the different functions. For my final project, I hope to step it up and try to learn more ways to use Isadora (and Arduino) so I can create something that speaks to the technology more than to editing. However, I’m not entirely blocking out the possibility of expanding on this project for my final.


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