What I’ll need


I will need a usb extension cord that is long enough to connect MakeyMakey (which will be located in a box on one of the tables in the room) to the instructor computer. I will also need the projector hooked up to it. To be honest, I might need a little help operating that projector because I’ve never used it before. I will come in and test it sometime before next week, but if I still have trouble, can you help me with it during the “setting up time” on Tuesday? With the extension cord, the control box will not need to be close to the computer, so the mechanism by which it works will be out of sight.  Let me know if you think it should be a little more elaborate than that. I can put it on a nicer looking surface and add a chair, so people will be drawn to sit in front of the controls.


One thought on “What I’ll need

  1. metaphortean

    if you have a sketch or photo of your set up i can more effectively give you feedback on your question. About the longer usb — is this a cable you have?


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