Interactive Narrative Video


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.58.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.01.36 PMIMG_7153 IMG_7154

First of all, I apologize for not updating in so long. After my first idea turned out poorly, I had another idea that I think is working much better. I’ve been in Paris for the past week, and the inspiration hit me–I had this idea that I should film over there and turn my footage into an INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE.  As a point of reference, think of those chapter books where you, the reader, get to decide what happens next. (if you want to ___, turn to page 47. To____ instead, go to page 38…etc) Essentially, it’s the same concept–but with video.  Isadora will be set up with a key table watcher, which runs to the movie slot of the movie player. The keys will be custom set to match the 6 letter keys on the MakeyMakey control board.  Each key corresponds to a different “choice,” or video segment.  The wires on MakeyMakey will run from the 6 letter holes to 6 matching props.  These props symbolize the various choices you can make when presented with a “fork” in the narrative.  There are 3 forks total, and 2 choices are dead ends.  For example, if you are given the choice to either take some pills or grab a drink from the fridge, you will either physically tap the metal part of a plastic pill prop, or touch the top of an aluminum can. These physical items represent your options. Unfortunately, you will just have to hold onto earth with your other hand until I figure out a smarter way to integrate the earth cable. The result of your choice will be play out on the Isadora video interface.  I compiled these videos in a way that puts the user in first-person POV. When you perform an action, the camera view makes it seem as though you are looking at the world through the characters’ eyes. (When you drink, the can gets lifted to your mouth, etc..) Certain filters/effects are also used in order to immerse the user and make the experience as diegetic as possible.  Because the key table watcher does not allow for arrow keys or the space bar to be programmed, I was limited to the 6 letters available on MakeyMakey. Choices 1 through 6 will comprise these letters. Once the user makes it to the end of the “choice stage,” the video segments will be prompted to play chronologically, via the float counter (minimum set to 7, max to around 20, or however many clips there are). What follows is the “sight-seeing” stage, where the user will tap a metal button on some binoculars to be able to zoom in on certain places like the Louvre, or the Eiffel Tower.  The float counter will be connected to both the binoculars and a camera (total of 8 props). Directions will flash up onto the screen, letting the user know what to touch and when. The camera will allow user to “take pictures.” These snapshots will be pre-made and loaded onto the movie player, but it will seem as though the user is taking part in a live process–i.e. taking pictures one by one and having them appear onscreen instantly.  Once again, the reason for this structure is that clips have to be played chronologically once the 6 pre-set keys are used up by being connected to a single prop.  I had to think of a way to make this setup work structurally without drawing attention to my limitations.


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