Diegetic Interface–Adventure genre (Indiana Jones)


I tried to make this look like a first-person viewpoint by putting the whip in the viewer’s own hand, so it’s as if you were seeing what the character of Indiana Jones sees when he is fighting spear-wielding natives. Sadly, I’m not a good drawer so this turned out kind of muddy:/ I’ll bring the real thing into class so people can get a better look at it.



One thought on “Diegetic Interface–Adventure genre (Indiana Jones)

  1. metaphortean

    Thanks, this is great prompt, and there’s room to build out the way in which a makeymakey interaction might ‘talk’ to this sort of genre scene. Part of the diegetic interface is the visual (and potentially audio) elements. The other part is how to bridge the diegetic elements of screen into the physical or gestural interactions that the participant must perform.


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