Using Isadora and MakeyMakey for “interactive music”


The MakeyMakey website has a demo where a guy is having some kind of “musical dining experience.” He hooked up the wires to different utensils, plates, and cups so that each time he lifted something to his mouth, it triggered a note of a song.  Before I saw this, I had been thinking about doing something like this with Isadora. I wondered if it was possible to make it so that people can clap or make some sort sort of noise near the computer microphone, and it would prompt the audio component of Isadora to play one note after another. (essentially clapping out a song and having it be translated into music)  With the addition of MakeyMakey, I’m sure other things are possible and I’m trying to figure out how this could work. I don’t know what arrangement of Isadora actors is necessary in order to allow this, but it’s something I’m thinking about and I want aim my experiments in this direction of interactive music.


One thought on “Using Isadora and MakeyMakey for “interactive music”

  1. metaphortean

    Sounds cool, there is a sound level watcher for Isadora, i’ll demo on Tuesday but is essentially taking input from built-in or plugged-in mic. You could try running this sort of sensor input into the position or play start on movie player actor, as one configuration to explore


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